Fluidride and Aqua Rodent: more haikus!

Aqua Rodent, damn.
One sixty five to race you?
It’s flat, and short. Whaa.

4th, 5th, and yes, 6th.
Sure, we did fine. But robots…

Team robot had a meeting with local human representatives. While these results are unacceptable, we’ve agreed to withhold from a full protocol post-failure human slaughter. We have agreed to only eat members of the retired class, to minimize the effective death toll and effect.

Here’s a picture of the BAaron on his Giant Glory at Fluidride cup #1. Photo by Carl Warren.

Fluidride slalom video on the way. I crashed going fast first round, Aaron won a couple, then narrowly lost to Casey Fucking Northern, Fluidride pinner and slalom course digger, and Patty-no bikey cheered, drank, and filmed poorly.

P.S. it costs $165.00 today to register for slalom and downhill at Sea Otter. And don’t forget the $20.00 shuttle charge. Dialed. A good reason to enjoy your local trails with the six days you’ve requested off anyway.

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