fluidride cup#2

Baaron looked really smooth down the “Justice” line.

this guy experienced some fally downy time

Some pics from the race.

first up: Philepe’ Lorado fell early in his race run, bummer, but by the time he got to “Justice” he was so pissed off he was clearly the fastest guy down the section.

don’t fuck with the NightBird he has access to a windowless van and tie downs.

Chazz boosting a “triple” on the old 4x track after the race, a testament to the longevity of his robot energy source.

Grampa Joe (superfan) is displaying all the necessary elements needed to enjoy a Down Hill race.

1.walking stick
2. over sized double fanny pack filled with beer
3. a reliable noise maker.
4. lawn chair

along with proper accessories you really want to have a sturdy entourage, like these folks.

1. a couple of chicks with beer(that should be a no brainer)
2. your buddy who is way bigger and stronger then you. this will allow you to get really drunk and be a retard without the worry of getting your ass kicked in front of said girls with beer.
3. depending on your mood you may want to bring along a grumpy wizard in a hood.

these two guys have a few things in common.
1. a love of the letter Z
2. a love of “pinning it”

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