highway to hell …. and back

NOTE:this post contains zero useful information about the Angelfire race, be warned.

so this is it, the route.

our sound system for the journey was slightly less then dialed, the burbs CD player and tape deck shit the bed on our last trip to Fontana, so we improvised with a power inverter and a trusty little boom box.

no sleep, shitty food and sustaining hours of the Nightbird’s poisonous flatulence made me pretty grumpy most of the time. i retaliated with three in the morning flashlight attacks.

Chazz reenacting the majesty of Senior Limpwrist McFlowerpants

we found this little penguin in a parking lot in buttfuck Colorado, we named him Pubert and made him the official mascot of the trip, things like this make total sense when you eat cookies for every meal and don’t sleep.

Chazz has deemed DEL SCORCHO to be the name of his new Mexican wrestling character.
NOTE: he named himself after the medium sauce not he hot sauce! pretty weak chazz, pretty weak.

we stayed in the parking lot for the first night, which sucked hard. after that we stayed with two superpinners Jon Wilson and Casey Coffman from Reno, they both ride for Oakley, GIANT bicycles and Northstar resort, they were kind enough to let us stay in their condo.
we all decided to decorate the lovely fish on the wall, it eventually ended up as a tribute fish for our favorite northwest racer LARZ STERNBERGALUR.
we took the Larzfish on a little Field trip up to the 4x track to Cheer for Larz. unfortunately he lost but at least we got to show him the fish. I’m pretty sure he thinks we’re retarded now.
New Mexico has a lot of cows………..cows smell like cow shit.

nice blue sky after the race and on the road home NightBird lost his mind just outside of Denver, i asked if he was tired and he just gave me this crazy look and turned up the Judas Priest tape and kept driving with out saying a word, it was kind of scary. OutPost Pizzeria in downtown Eaglecrest New Mexico population: who gives a shit
claimed, on the door no less, to have the “WORLDS BEST PIZZA”, a lofty claim to say the least. but ironically Outpost Pizzeria is by far the worst pizza ever in the history of man, you would think that a crazy old lady with a 30 foot long oxygen tube could make a mean pie, but no she made us a round piece of toast with shitty cheese, no sauce and chewy chicken. but she was rad she had one of those trashy biker shirts with the sleeves on fire and a Maltese cross on the back and she kept telling us all about all the biker rallies that come through her little town. she even busted out a stack of photos for us to look through with the warning ” look out, there might be some X rated ones in there the ladies get a little rowdy”
unfortunately the crazy photos turned out to be mostly pictures of fat ugly people on Harleys and people that had made leather chaps and vest for their stupid little dogs.
needless to say this was one of my favorite stops on the trip.
here it is AngelFire ski Resort, looks pretty flat, because it is.

on the road home, Idaho in the morning, pretty sweet.
Chazz and the NightRobber called this section of road the slalom course, it was a little gnarly to hear the tires chirp on a fully loaded Chevy Suburban pinning it around corners at ninety but that’s the kind of decision making you get out of a brain of a DH racer.

this thing was pretty cool we agreed its some kind of NAZI boob/helmet factory.

in closing, this pretty much sums up my feelings about our trip.


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