okay not a lot going on.
go to http://pinnedmtb.com/ to see some good pictures of the Angelfire race, and other cool shit, they have a “side by side” of Gee and Sam’s runs from the Andorra worldcup.
Here are a couple i found of us.
Chazz first mtx race ever!
Wilson pummel time.it was funny how everyone complained about this shitty creek crossing but only three guys did anything about it. The Baaron, Chazz and Casy putting it all together.p.s. i just complained

a lot of tonics in one place.
Billy’s grey Howie up top, the Baarons seafoam Howie then my plated Fallguy, Looch’s “dukes of chazard” Orange Howie and Nathan’s Seafoam Fallguy. our Giant Glory bikes are amazing. we will do full bike checks soon.epic battle !

kids are smart.

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