Pump Trackula

Friday fun, riding paddy’s pump track, drinking tallboys and eating burritos
it doesn’t get much better then that.
Rocker Dave, with his man beard.
the master: Paddy pinning it around one of the big berms
these two have been building and refining this amazing track from the get go.
it has countless line options a few jumps and is definitely the best landscaping choice paddy made for his backyard
me leaning into one of the best berms ever.
paddy same berm as above but opposite direction.
Rocker on the infamous chicane section, back to back deathberms!
at one point Rocker was leaving rubber on the hardpacked dirt!
but no one was as fast as Paddy he would snap in and out of that section so fast he was throwing up a roost of dust every time.
me with a little front tire roost on the back berm

the record is six people , but that gets a little messy Rocker and Paddy show me how it’s done.

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