Lakeview, Oregon: BFE
What do you do 400 miles away from anything worth seeing? Why do you go there? 2 words answer those questions, and were the motto for the trip:

Fuck it.

Really, though, there’s plenty of good stuff to do in, at 5300 feet, the tallest town in Oregon.

For instance, you can:

Get your car sideways

Get your ATV sideways

Couples shooting

Make a fire

Make a bigger fire

ATV cattle herding

More shooting

Irrigation ditch swimmin

On a serious note, I love cheeseburgers. But without cows, neither the cheese, nor the burger could be. In Lakeview, ground squirrels dig holes that cows fall into, and break their legs.

With their legs broken, typically these cows die horrible deaths, far away from the mechanized and delicious slaughterhouses they were meant to die in. So, to save these cows from an all too early and non-edible death, we went on a hunting crusade to save the cows.

The truck was our death machine

Note the bullets hitting the dust in front of AND behind the ground squirrel. Typically, you had 5 to 10 shots before the little guy ran away. Ground squirrels are dumb.

Seriously, we shot at ground squirrels all freaking day.
Kill total: 10 by gunfire, 1 by suburban.

Goose Lake, pictured above, is half in Oregon, half in California, 10 miles across, 20 miles long, and 3 feet deep. And has 1 foot of mud at the bottom. And the mud smells like pure sulfur. And it’s acidic.

It took us 45 minutes to walk less than a thousand feet to an island out in the lake. When we got there, the island turned out to be grass that grew out from the bottom. So we walked 45 minutes back.

The water is nice and warm though.

Booyah. Sending it.

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