downhill details

so i made some last minute changes before the race on the 13th, normally i hate changing something right before a race but it had to be down.

a few months ago i put a gnarly scratch in my spring side stanchion, out at kline butte in Bend.

while searching for a replacement stanchion for my 2006 Rockshox Boxxer Team i noticed that you could purchase the exact replacement or you could also get the “world cup” stanchion.

the world cup stanchion is honed smoother on the inside to allow for a tight fit with the air seals.

there was only about a 15 dollar difference between the two, so i decided to look into the rest of the pieces need to fully convert my second hand fork into a worldcup.

i looked up and found what i thought i would need to finish the job my total plus shipping came to about 150$ wholesale (only animals pay retail).

but im poor so i decided to call up Sram and double check, the last thing i wanted to do was drop that much money only to hit a dead end.

but after a brief conversation with one of the tech guys at Sram and he informed me that i only needed three parts to change my fork over.

  • one “world cup” honed stanchion
  • one air top cap
  • one air piston assembly

all three of these item are intermittently available from the BTI catalog.

so i placed my order drank some beer and riped my fork apart the night before the race, dialed

my new old pedals courtesy of Victor Sandrin (victory racing blog).

vic is a veteran racer and super bike nerd, he also made these kickass DH pedals a few years ago.

he took pity on me and my three year old calfskin death inducing welgo mg1 pedals that were missing over half the pins and had been polished to a high gloss from use.
i should change the name on my pedals to mid-pack racing instead of victory.

pretty dialled


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