Stripped frames/Lars n’ Bars/Fluidride/gay

So we’ve been thinking about stripping our giant frames for a while, but we were wondering what they would look like stripped:

Fortunately, I finally got around to it, and I also picked up a new saddle and a taller seatpost for race season. Dialed.

In the category of real news, Grade-A shredder Lars Sternberg got picked up by Grade-C bike company Transition. Although, to be the fastest down the hill, racers have to get the hill. So dialed bikeS or not, Team-Robot salutes Transition for hooking up Lars “Stachetober” Sternberg. Factory support is a long time coming for this genuine American badass:

Yeah, gnarliest X-up ever. I didn’t even know he could do X-ups.

We’d also like to salute another all American Badass, Simon Lawton. Simon is of course the man, the myth, the legend, behind Fluidride, the coolest bike shop/clinic/race series/team around. Hats off to you, for supporting Luke, Lars, and the Northwest race scene in general.

On another note:

Hilary Duff wants you to stop and think before you use the term “gay”

Well, I’ve listened carefully, and I can now say with authority that this guy is gay:

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