All that work paid off.

Here is a random kid DYING off of our drop in LO. I almost shat my pants.

The slow mo at 200 seconds is the best ever.

A little background-

Team Robot has a pinkbike account. That’s pretty lame, whatever. We suck.

After our jumps in Lake Oswego got plowed, the city gave us a totally sweet gravel pit to dig trails in. We didn’t realize it was a quarry when we started, we just thought, hey, cool, a big opening with tall rocky cliffs around it.

We made a 15 foot tall drop off of one of the rock faces.

We gave up on that spot 4 years ago, and haven’t been back since.

Today, I got a friend request from one, “bikerboyac.” It said, “Hey you guys wanna ride some time?”


I almost instantly deleted the friend request (TEAM ROBOT has no friends), but then I thought, “hey, why not laugh at them first?”

Turns out, “Bikerboyac” lives in Lake Oswego. He had a video called “My worst crash this season.” Best video I’ve ever seen.

Same drop, better angle:

All that work was worth it to watch one prepubescent cyclist scream “fuck” for 20 vertical feet.

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