Christmas Break+snow=biggest snow fort ever. Note full grown man behind the wall. It was six feet tall on the far side.

The far side=six feet tall.

This is the seven foot long tunnel to get in. Eager nephew pictured waiting to crawl back out.


While the snow helped us build things, it also was busy trying to destroy the trails we’d already built. Damn trees didn’t appreciate ten million pounds of snow mixed with rain and wind. Please note the huge puddle, and in the top right the 60 foot tall tree down across the trails.

The normally dry creek at the bottom. Unknown ninja caught leaping across.




Can you say ba-ba-ba-Booyah? Welcome to the Team Robot 2009 race bike. Stoked!

Oh yeah, Conservativepalinvoterbot would like to point out that we have a new president. Cheers.