Went on a street ride with Landon yesterday. It was so much fun. ACTUAL RIDING PICTURES WERE TAKEN!!! Not by us of course, we’re not getting too radical here. Cory took some “artistic” shots with his haggard, barely functional Canon, and they are rad.

Anytime this many Tonics are in one place, it’s gonna be a good time.

Streetridebot and Cory took us to the single coolest street feature I’ve ridden in a while. It was a gigantic bank to bank gap, with a big bank to drop into and pump as you pedal your balls off. It felt like a skatepark. It was amazing. It was a blast.


Cory used to have a pumptrack in the backyard of his old house. He moved, but don’t worry, he still has beer.

In other cycling news, Liquid-Dirt had a post on Greg hill tucks. I was stoked, because the only thing I love more than jumping bikes, is tucking bikes while jumping. There was a Greg Hill thing on Ridemonkey, and Landon put his hat in the ring with this classic shot:

Thank you to the kind people that ran that failing indoor skatepark, and let us have so much fun there.

Tucks makes you feel that much higher in the air. This was my best attempt at the Helter Belter last summer:

Basically, Tonic is the coolest bike company ever, and Landon rules. Helter Belter was legit.