Hurty Paw

So, I broke my wrist again, making this the fourth time. That’s three times too many.

Anyway, the Doc I’ve been going to, an Orthopedic Sports Medicine Specialist, told me three times in a row to just splint it, and it should be okay. Clearly, it was not. I knew, after the fourth break, that it was time to change.

So change I did. Now I’m seeing the Northwest’s leading Orthopedic wrist and hand specialist, Bob Ray from His proprietary wrist healing techniques were getting so popular, he had to publish several excellent and informative Youtube videos to help people like me:

I’m now taking “this stuff,” at just 99 cents per bid! What a deal! Thanks Bob!

Thanks to all the people who called to see how my hurty paw was doing. You guys rule. Healing, here I come!!