Fluidride Cup/Pro GRT: It was rad

Patrick shouldered a tree, I watched Aaron pedal his balls off into the last berm (which he annihilated), and I crashed really hard in Quali’s.


16th Cat 1 for Patrick

8th Cat 1 for the Baaron

19th Pro for me

In other news, Luciano BEAT EVERY OTHER JUNIOR for the Juior X win. That’s amazing. Just to put things in perspective, Luciano beat:

Chris Heath
Eric Loney
Casey Northern
Graeme Pitts
Neko Mulally
Waylon Smith
Kieran Bennett
Boe Mcgee
Kevin Bartkowski
Jon Wilson
Naish Ulmer
Mike Haderer
Hank Cadle
Tyler Mccaul
John Hauer

Phil Wiering also got top 10. Booyah.