Safety Dance

Sweet movie from what appears to be the most continually technical track on the whole circuit. At Bromont, it looks like no feature or section ever last more than 10 or 15 seconds. Pretty tough for a track that short. Minnaar with the win, and Mitch Ropelato with the award for best whip at 1:35.

Frightening trivia and compelling facts about the Safety Dance:

* This dance has caused the deaths of at least 98 Iraqis since the 2003 invasion, although on the upside it has the ability to disarm IED’s.
* 5,325 people have been injured while perpenisforming the Safety Dance since 1898 (mainly due to the high class synth riffs).
* Of the 774 deaths known to be caused by the Safety Dance in civilized Western Europe, 81 were due to reprisals by horrified Nazi’s in the Treblinka Death Camp. The rest were the result of poor training in the use of maypoles.
* The Safety Dance was performed for the first time in 1492 at the request of Queen Isabella of Castile. On this day a new order was proclaimed: The Order of “Los Hombres Sin Cabezas”, or in Real American, ‘Men Without Hats.’ They would be the keepers of the International Safety Dance for years to come, although for centuries only Charter Members of The Trilateral Commission who had passed both the intense scrutiny of ‘double secret probation’ and the ‘Camel Walk’ test would be allowed to know all the secret moves it involved.
* If you play the song backwards, you will awaken the spirit of the Bee Gees.
* If you play the song forwards at 4X speed, you will awaken the spirit of Lance Armstrong’s amputated testicle.
* The real irony of The Safety Dance is that safety is, of course, never guaranteed and thus it is required by US Federal Law to carry a bright orance OSHA warning sticker.
* It is the only dance that requires the performer to register their hands as lethal weapons in Flekkefjord, Norway and Gun Barrel City, Texas (hence the importance of looking at them at critical moments during the dance itself).