Pinkbike is the best

I’ve been looking into building a trail. I don’t know how to build a trail or berms, so I checked on pinkbike. Thanks “Dmadness” from Canada:

“i’ve built a couple. I usually Sharpen some Steak’s and Drive em into the Ground at angle.. then Weave a couple of thin Branches through them Horizontally, till I have A wicker looking frame.. I’ve ridden a couple In this fashion without Throwing dirt on em and they work fine But they are much better if you then Build a dirt up on them.. you gotta pack it good And it helps if you have some Clay type dirt ( look for “trail mix” bags at your local Home hardware or such.. it’s a mix of Clay and Dirt basically and it Set’s up well with the addition of a little water.”

That’s probably the best advice I’ve ever heard. Weave loose sticks into stakes in the ground, and then ride it… Genius!

Maybe even add some dirt (that I purchased from home depot?). How many bags of “trail mix” dirt would you have to buy for a 1 minute long track?