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I really like the Tonic Blog. Like us at Team Robot, Landon sometimes has trouble keeping up with the stresses of blooging. Really good write up on bloggin and why the MTB industry sucks:

Howdy Folks.

I’ve not exactly been the most prolific blogger / news updater recently. Fortunately it is not for lack of action. I’d like to exclusively blame an abundance of action, but that’s not true either.

I’ve spent the last few years vigorously updating the Tonic News, and usually I’ve done so with genuine enthusiasm. It’s also taken loads of time. Blame my editorial process, and flimsy grasp on technology as main time sucks.

Recently, I’ve had a hard time mining the inspiration for this blog. Can’t say much bike related material has held much interest at all. The bike industry is fairly simple circus. Somebody either won a race, did a cool trick or is getting paid to blow their horn about a “new” product. On this note, the weirdest one for me are the corporate dudes at Interbike who refer to products with out a definite article. They’ll say something like, “Boxxer is strong and light” rather than THE Boxxer is strong and light. When did the bike industry get a pass on the word “the”?

And how many times do I have to hear about a bike being capable a “day at Whistler, and a 35 mile epic the next.” Isn’t the real question…Am I? Believe me, if that was my riding schedule, the bike would be about item 5 on my Top 3 Things I’m Concerned About.

The best thing about bikes remains riding them. By far. That said, good lookin’, good ridin’, well made bikes are something I get excited about.

Blah, blah, blah…

Team Robot and Tonicfab will be here tomorrow night. Be there or be… gay:

Tips on partying:

Pics of my new helmet and bike coming up soon…