backyard blam!

Backyard Blam!!! 9/13/09 from Justin Bailey on Vimeo.

Just went to the latest backyard blam! event, and it was sweet. That video is from the last backyard blam! but it gives you an idea of the event. The only difference was that the first event had around 50-75 people, and about 500 people showed up on Friday.

Art show, weird looking people on fixies, free beer, track sprint races, and a bunnyhop contest. It was pretty sweet. I got to ride this sweet new whip for the first time:

With 26’s for the first time and a new bike, I was pretty surprised and stoked when I got 3rd. I think the all time high bunnyhop for the night was 36″, which is retarded. Results looked like this:

Chester Blacksmith
Shad Johnson
Patrick and Long Distance Relationship Kyle.

Pretty rad group of people, pretty rad event, good times.