Evil/New Bikes/Hops/Asleep

I’m happy to announce that I will be riding Evil Bikes in 2010. I’m going to be joining Phil Wiering and Kyle Thomas on the Evil Bikes National Team. The new bikes are sweet. I’ll show off my Revolt soon, but in the meantime, here’s a bikecheck of sorts on my new Faction:

It’s been pretty gloomy and wet down here, so after building up my sweet new Faction I had to wait until last Friday to ride it. There was a sweet bike event going on called the Bridgetown Hustle. They had track sprints, a fixed gear best trick jam, and even a bunnyhop contest. So I figured what the hell.

About 20 or so people entered, and I wasn’t sure how I would do. It was my first time on the bike, and I hadn’t really bunnyhopped over anything really big in about 6 months, and never on 26 inch wheels.

Well, 6 elimination rounds later I ended up getting third to pro bmx rider Chester Blacksmith and local bmx shredder and owner of Goods BMX Shad Johnson.

Needless to say, STOKED. I ended up winning a pretty worthless “fixie-specific” prize pack, including a pink designer backback, a red bmx chain, presumably to color match my track frame, and a couple fixie t-shirts.

But more importantly, my Evil Faction rode SWEET. I’ve got the extra large with the dropouts slammed, and it feels awesome. It’s good to be on a bike my size, and having a little bit of BB rise allows it to hop really well. I already love that bike.

Also, my new Revolt is retarded fast. More on that later.

This has nothing to do with last Friday. But it is funny. Harry Potter for life.