Did you realize that there is a place on this website for comments? I mean, I guess I saw the “comments” part of the page, but I never realized that anyone would use it. Today as I was looking at the miserable excuse for a website that we call TeamRobot, I noticed that we had all sorts of comments on previous posts.

What a novel idea. Now with the click of a button the lone blogger can be connected to the people that read this stupid, self-absorbed blog. The distant but symbiotic relationship between blogger and reader is finally directly connected, and any isolation that had previously existed between the various anonymous readers and the lone writer can be finally and forever destroyed thanks to the miracle of social engineering.

But then I actually read the comments and realized that the people who write comments suck almost as bad as the people that write this stupid website.

One great example of how bad people suck is captured in the reactions that one post making fun of a nameless, faceless freerider (which by the way is the description of the half of the posts on our website). Here is the post in it’s entirety:

“Everything that is wrong in the world in one picture.

Bring it up to full size to really drink this one in.”

This post received lots of negative feedback. In fact, it was the recipient of more comments than any other post.

Anonymous said…


January 16, 2010 11:23 PM
Anonymous said…

dumb snobs

January 20, 2010 7:38 PM
suburbia said…,+oregon&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=Lake+Oswego,+OR&gl=us&ei=dc1XS5rWI4KIsgOUv9XGBw&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CA0Q8gEwAA

January 20, 2010 7:45 PM
gaydar said…

January 20, 2010 9:26 PM

Reactions ranged from confusion to frustrastion, and even included mockery that suggested that we at Team Robot were elitist or even gay. And while I respect your right to have an opinion, you all suck.

I realize that my own comment on that picture was fairly vague, and left a lot open to interpretation. So let’s get some incorrect theories out of the way.

You could potentially look at that picture and want to make fun of things like:

-Color matched anodized everything
-Stupid looking/non-functional high tops shoes
-Ugly tattoo featuring the British Flag (making him a Red Coat, or worse, a Loyalist)
-Too-short shorts
-Riding board bridges on downhill specific bikes
-Eighteen (color-matched anodized) spacers under his stem, yielding the same bar height that could be achieved by sliding the bottom fork crown up by a 1/2 inch on the stanchion.

Some of you probably thought those complaints were the reason behind my rage. And some of you thought incorrectly. While making fun of people who are different is a time-honored tradition in the world of man, that was not my reason.

Please consult the mantage with any further questions that fit into the “making fun of people who are different” category, specifically ManLaw 13:

So no, I wasn’t worried so much about this, or that, or that other thing. People are free to make their own decisions, even if they are kinda stupid.

My beef was more in this area:

More specifically, yeah, right there:

What you people failed to notice was the 2009 Fox 40 Limited edition World Championship fork. There were only 200 of those forks made. They might be the best downhill race forks in existence.

And it’s being ridden on a freeride bike, on a ladder bridge.

While I realize that the substantially improved high-speed compression damping will really help this guy corner and brake as he is crawling at 10 mph or less on skinny little wooden stutter bumps, I feel like this fork might be happier in it’s native environment; namely hauling ass at mach 10 over huge piles of rocks.

I realize that this person was supporting the sport and injecting much needed capitol into DH racing. In a small way, he might even have helped support the riding of Gee Atherton, Aaron Gwin, or even myself through his purchase. I realize that when people spend money, wisely or not, in the sport, it kinda benefits everyone.

But because I know that there are more than 200 Downhill riders in the world, maybe he could have saved that fork for, I don’t know, maybe one of us?

7 thoughts on “Comments

  1. I must admit I too was overwhelmed by all of the match-adizing at first, but when i noticed those rainbow stripes… no more was needed to be read. I believe with the help of team robot, We can find these rare suspension species and introduce each one to a loving owner. Someone who will let these scarce beasts run wild and free and fast as bejesus in their natural habitat, over dirt and forty WC at a time… one forty WC at a time, and the world will be a better place for everyone! mostly downhillers.

  2. park@theFTF- somehow I get the feeling you arent too familiar with either of those kinds of cyclists. I just see myself as a biker with a sense of humor i guess..

  3. Before flaming an anonymous rider on the internet, make sure you have your facts right.

    “-Stupid looking/non-functional high tops shoes -”

    Those are 5-10 Rennie boots. Downhill specific boots developed by one of the world best downhill riders Nathan Rennie.

    “-Color matched anodized everything”

    …and? at least they are quality parts!

    “-Ugly tattoo featuring the British Flag (making him a Red Coat, or worse, a Loyalist) -“ he cares!

    “-Too-short shorts -”

    now who's the fashion queen? #hypocrit

    “-Riding board bridges on downhill specific bikes -”

    maybe he was about to ride of a 10m drop?

    “-Eighteen (color-matched anodized) spacers under his stem, yielding the same bar height that could be achieved by sliding the bottom fork crown up by a 1/2 inch on the stanchion. -”

    Maybe he is happy with his head angle which would be altered by sliding the stanchions through the crowns. he looks like a tall guy and maybe he's riding a super steep course that day.

    And for what it's worth the forks are probably regular 40's with the WC sticker kit so don't s**t your pants at someone else having something you are clearly jealous of.

    You are a doosch bag for posting your ridiculous, uninformed, uneducated rant in the first place.

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