Bike for sale: Mind Melting Speed Dagger Glory DH

A revolution in Craigslist ads, courtesy of Kyle of Eddy Merkin fame:

Mind Melting Speed Dagger Downhill Freeride Giant Glory DH – $2300 (NE Portland )

Date: 2010-03-15, 11:46PM PDT
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Holy sh*t don’t even think about buying this bike unless you are prepared to have you face melted off. Why would your fast melt off? Because of the blistering speed you will be able to attain, forget Glamorous Glennis get on this bike and you will be Chuck “better than Norris” Yeager screaming down the trail at Mach 1. Check this thing out.

2009 Glory DH Medium Frame = Wolverines on hallucinigens in a cage that it too small
2008 Glory DH Parts group including
Fox 40 RC2 = T-Rex meets switchblade on a trail
Saint Brakes = The hagiography is about to be gang banged
FSA Gravity Light 800mm wide bars = You know that Michael Jordan poster where he has his arms spread out, yeah it like that!
Ano Blue Mavic Rims = Asphyxiated Halos, choking the life out of the trail
SLX R Mech = SLX you know Shimano wanted to use an E in there instead
Avenir ti railed saddle = I am ready to rip the Arms off of Sly Stallone
E 13 Chain guide = Think of it as Bruce Willis’ character smashing the yellow dudes face into pulp in Sin City, E13=Bruces’ fist Face Pulp = Everything else
Black Turtle Mud Spikes = Pin Head designed and tested in order to raise hell

Ok thats probably enough

Here are the photos