Vans: still awesome

I’ve been looking on craigslist for potential race mobiles. I’ve broken ideas into three camps:

-Normal van w/ queen mattress in back, bikes on rack. Good for 1-2 people. $2000-$4000

-Class C mini-RV, bikes on rack. Good for 2-4 people. $3000-$4000

-Tent trailer, put bikes in towing mobile. Good for 2-3 people. $2000.

The upside is that unless we kill said vehicle, we can recover most of the purchase price at the end of the year. The gallons and gallons of oil and coolant necessary to keep these vehicles running would probably not be recovered.

All of the vans pictured are under four grand, and all of them are sweet. The van has 124,000 miles, and the RV’s all have around 80,000.

Yes, this is a dumb idea. But it’s a sweet dumb idea, and you’re all jealous.


2 thoughts on “Vans: still awesome

  1. I'm jealous. Don't go with the camper unless you are very familiar with the Chevy 350 and are willing to work on it, when it's broken down on the side of the freeway!


  2. Very awesome one..i have also a RV camper van it was nice too and has a things all i need inside aside from that it is look new even a bit old because of the cover i am using..

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