TARD is a funny word

talking to KRUNKSHOX the other day after some downhill runs with PHIL and i was saying how much i wanted to get a “supermoto” or “motard” bike. KRUNKSHOX had no idea what they were, i explained that they are half “moto gp” and half “motocross” he giggled and said like a RUCKUS?!?
this is a ruckus.

and this is the bike i want to get.

i think any robot would agree that the black bike is fucking bad ass.
this what the races look like. minute 3.44-3.50 #12 … rules stoppy to drift = total fucking badass

granted, the black kawasaki is just a commuter bike at heart but its still pretty bad ass for getting to and from work. plus it looks like every assasin bad guy’s bike out of every james bond movie.