Squeeze/Rock on/vomit

So instead of working on Friday, Phil Wiering, Eric Loney and myself decided to go ride bikes. Game on.

As we’re sitting around waiting for the shuttle, I offhandedly mention a big ingrown hair I have on my arm that won’t pop. Before I could say another word, Eric was all over it.

First thing, he grabs two rocks off the road and insists he’s seen Bear Grills do this on Man vs. Wild. “This might hurt a little, Charlie.”

Eric said it looked like a worm popped out of my arm. Once Eric’s wife was done hurling up her egg-salad sandwich and cheetos that she had for lunch, she documented the arm pus worm:

If you’re bummed that you missed out on the opportunity to squeeze bloody, pussy infections out of your pores this week, than this video is a nice substitute. Like most things on our site, we like to think that this video is not work safe.

Embedding on this video was disabled, so you’re going to have to follow the link like a Goddamn dirty ape.