Photo update

So first of all, no apologies for not posting in a while. A long while. It’s been sunny out, and summer has been rad. Here’s a little graph to explain my non posting:

Basically, once winter, 4 o’clock sunsets, and severe depression roll in, you can expect TEAM ROBOT to be fully awesome once again.

Speaking of awesome:

In other news, the 2010 race season is a wrap, and I’m pretty pumped on how it ended. I got 3rd place for the season in the Fluidride cup, and 2nd place on the day.

Ultimate shuttle vehicle #1:

Ultimate shuttle vehicle #2

Krunkshox getting his prerace gameface on at Camp Freedom/Outpost Freedom/Forward Command Post Alpha/Patriot Outpost:

The Patriot Outpost:

Actual photos of bike riding:

It was a rad day. Normally I don’t geek out on times, but check them out. Mikey tomahawked himself into a tree on Friday, thought he broke his wrist, and it looked like he wanted to cry. He had his wirst taped and iced all weekend. He did two and a half practice runs before Sunday, and then when race time rolled around, his chain fell off halfway down. And he still beat us me by five seconds. I was also pumped because I got second place by 6 seconds.

The trails are finally getting some love again. Last season I was so focused on racing that I didn’t bother with the trails. But this year will be different. This spring, there will be jams. These trails will be happy again.

They look ridiculously sad and overgrown:



On it’s face, this next photo appears to be another foreign, commie-looking person getting way too serious about their affinity for cycling. But this photo is one you’ll want to bring up to full size to really appreciate

That’s right, this guy rides for a company called Vag bikes.

Danza, Bundy, and Ross. Dialed.

Chaz, out.

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