The poultrygeist/phone wars

I have literally no idea what this is, but I think I like it:

And this is our new landing:

I was at my friend Andrew’s house, minding my own business trying to post the poultrygeist video on TEAM ROBOT. For one hour I have to listen to a random girl, not a member of the house, speaking in a low murmur across the room.

Having this blog post already on my screen, it became a medium to communicate to Andrew how retarded this girl was. This is what I ended up typing:

“Whenever I talk to someone on the phone and it’s not going to be quick, I go somewhere else. Listening to her stupid f$^&ing conversation is going to make me kill either me or her.”

“Kill sequence engaged. Why the f%^$ is she talking in such an annoying low murmur? Does she know to be embarrassed about her retarded conversation, but she just doesn’t have the good sense to leave? Holy crap.”

Real quotes from the stupid conversation I have to listen to, obviously with her boyfriend. Please note that little/nothing was actually communicated:

“Just say something… so basically I have to wait a couple months?”

“What’s it going to be… yeah… okay, but if you’re going to be this way, I don’t understand”

“Like what… so. let’s not judge this by what you said. I don’t understand.”

Further aside to Andrew:

“P.S. she totally walked out exactly when I showed you the photo of the little girl crying on the phone.”

Total elapsed time of conversation at time of me going to bed:

One hour, thirty five minutes.

Total elapsed time of me trying to fall asleep on couch, hearing conversation crystal clear through a wall:

Twenty five minutes.