Gallon challenge

I went on to facebook today. That’s right, I have a Facebook account. I had not been on in about 6 months, maybe a year? I was shocked and amused to discover I had 240 outstanding friend requests.

While I was there, I found a photo album from 2008 on a friend’s account titled, “Gallon challenge.” I never knew these photos existed. So pumped.

Earlier in the day we purchased this couch for $1.00 at value village. We split the purchase four ways, and I am still a 25% shareholder. I have no idea why on earth I didn’t buy that shirt, though.

Later in the night we found our way to Winco, the site of many of our gallon challenge attempts. This was probably attempt #5 or so. By now we had learned to use food coloring to differentiate between different people’s gallons. For this particular attempt we had sixteen participants.

Lots of cute colors.

As usual, I failed. But I came so close. Check out how little pastel yellow dairy product is left in my gallon. So close. That was a good pair of shoes before I vomited on them.That night, no one succeeded. On the bright side, we made the boring Winco parking a lot more colorful.