Mikey Sylvestri

Team Robot DO NOT KILL LIST member and all around destroyer Mikey Sylvestri getting some laps in at some place in Socal:

Fun fact #1: Martin Whiteley said We’ll be announcing our full roster for 2013 next week, 5 gravity riders who all fit the TWR philosophy.” 

Fun fact #2: Mikey is riding a bike with a big “T” on the down tube.

Fun fact #3: there’s no “T” in COVE.

The biggest and most disappointing revelation to come from the above picture has to be the fact that Brandon Turman, the guy who snapped this fine photo, runs white handlebars. Hey Brandon, the middle-aged guys drinking on the deck of the GLC still wearing their pressure suits and talking about how one of them was totally gonna to hit the A-line drop called.

They don’t want their bars back, they said even they stopped running that shit in like 2009.

Still trying to figure out what “the Trek World Racing philosophy” is that Whitely refers to, because from the outside looking in Mikey’s philosophy looks a lot like this:

Whereas TWR seems like they’re more on the “measure every shit you take on a gram scale and wind tunnel test your downhill bike” program: