Vote for TEAM ROBOT or die

Basically, the Bar Drag Bounty contest over at Vital MTB is about popularity. Whoever can garner the most votes from their friends and social network wins.

Fortunately, we at Team Robot don’t have friends. We have a “kill list” and a “do not kill” list. So give yourself a chance to get on the no-kill list and get on over to Vital and vote for Phil and me:,5180/TEAMROBOT,734

Think of it not so much as a vote for Phil or me, but as a vote against the not awesomeness of slowmo fisheye videos to electronic hipster music.

And remember, if other people win, they might pawn off the product for money to spend on something useful. I promise that if I win anything, it mill be wasted on flag decals for the side of my car or a throne for my pit at races or something. Or on cheeseburgers.

Help us do this to the other videos:

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