Cross bot/did not compute

In our construction quest for total world domination, TEAM ROBOT recently configured a new model to take over the world of cyclocross. CROSSBOT 3000 was designed for nothing less than the complete destruction of cyclocross races everywhere.

Unfortunately, several unplanned and unwelcome factors began to arise in Crossbot’s programming.

First, Crossbot tried to convince us that we should get cross bikes, too. He kept explaining that they had way more “soul” than mountain bikes, and were more “real.” When confronted with the fact that his bike could only ride in city parks and school yards, Crossbot had no response. He then repeated all previous arguments, but with more emphasis.

Cbot kept telling us that he knew “people” and was big in “the scene.” He told stories of his exploits and domination in the local scene. After minimal research into race results, it was discovered that he was placing well in the Cat 3 men’s 30-39 rankings. When we incidentally ran into some of the big names Cbot “dropped” on a regular basis, they did not recall Cbot. When confronted with these facts, Cbot once again repeated everything he said, but slower and with more emphasis.

Next, Cbot drained the team Robot money bag buying carbon fiber everything for his sweet ride. When asked why this was necessary, he pointed to results. When confronted again about his category, Cbot had no response.

Cbot has since been terminated.


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