Transition Factory Racing+Chazz=stoked!

I’m proud to announce that I, your trusted Team Robot hater in chief, will be riding for Transition Bikes next year.

I’ll be at the NW cup races, select Pro GRT and local events, and I may even head out to the flattest, farthest away-est National Champs ever, as well. I’m really excited to be joining up with teammates Lars Sternberg, Bryn Atkinson, and Jill Kintner, along with a few others. Being on a team with that much speed will be awesome.

But don’t just listen to what I have to say, here’s what real people at Transition had to say when reached for comment.

“Oh, you happened across me on a totally normal day. I’m normally up here, hanging out. I just happened to turn my head when I heard you. Otherwise I would have just stood here, looking epic all day.

Oh, yeah, having Chazz on the team is pretty cool, too.”

-Sam Burkhardt, Sales and Beardiness

“Having Chazz on the team makes me excited. And I’m not a man that’s easily moved to emotion. I’m at my favorite event of the year right now, but do you see a smile? Didn’t think so. It gets serious when you’ve got a name like Lars to live up to. That’s some Norse Beserker shit right there, son.”

-Lars Sternberg, Team Manager

“My muscles are sick, and so is Chazz. I couldn’t even bench press the amount of ass Chazz will be kicking this year out on the race course. And I’m not even sure what that means.”

-Mike Metzger, General Ass Kicking

Here are some quotes from the owners of Transition, taken out of context:

“Charlie… doesn’t… trust motorcycles.” -Kyle Young

“…Eat the United States.” -Kevin Menard

Here are some more sweet pictures of my shiny, new TR450:

My TR450 is cooler than your bike, because mine is painted the same color as a muscle car and it goes just as fast. The best part is that, unlike a muscle car, it can turn when it’s going fast.

Here’s to a rad year on a rad bike with a rad team and a rad company,

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  1. Stoked for you bro! …but muscle car paint? more like KTM and those things are EUROPEAN!!!!!

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