Two videos of me at skibowl, a place with many good and bad memories for me.


Video one is from my race run at Fluidride cup #4 last year. It was my best result ever at that point. The first couple seconds look pretty rough.

Last weekend we took advantage of the weather and went up to skibowl on Friday night. It was zero degrees before windchill, so no one was up there except for us.

The logical choice? Straightline the upper bowl. After attempt #1, we decided to time how long it took to get to the bottom. From starting next to the chairlift to stopping at the lodge at the bottom of skiibowl west: one minute, 20 seconds. Average speed was about 50 mph, so we’re thinking top speeds were north of 70. pretty sweet.


The lighting is pretty crummy, but if you look carefully you can see me come onto the screen at 14 seconds, and see me crash at the end when I try to stop.

I ran the upper bowl 3 times. It was amazing. Definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.