Diverse Suspension Products

Team Robot is happy to announce that Chaz will be riding for DSP racing, and running a DSP titanium coil on his TR-450.

DSP is very excited about their new relationship with Team Robot. Teague O’Shea of DSP racing had this to say about sponsoring Chaz:

“Every shipping department makes mistakes from time to time. We couldn’t get a hold of Mr. Sponsel to return our spring, so we figured we’d send him some stickers and just write it off as a “sponsorship” expense.”

Chaz: “I’m very excited to be representing DSP at the races. I think titanium is great for saving weight, but I’m most excited about the increased performance in my suspension. It rides so much better than steel. I’m excited to represent them here in the Northwest.”

Using our highly sophisticated robot measurement systems, we have concluded that the DSP Titanium 500 lb spring is lighter than the old steel spring by several notch marks. Actually, it shaves over half a pound.

This development puts DSP-Racing officially on the do not kill list.