Beacon Race report/Port Angeles Preport

Race report, and only one and a half weeks late:

We rolled up to Spokane in the Continental Black Chili Wagon with Conti rep and Kona rider Matt Slaven. As far as van’s go, Matt’s got his pretty much dialed. Perfection? Almost.

On the way to Spokane we stopped off in Hood River and checked out Discover Bikes. This mild-mannered bike shop may look like any other…

But on the third floor it contains an indoor, all wood pumptrack, complete with a quarter pipe. Sweet.

Matt on the pumptrack. Just be aware, the qaurter pipe is really tight and hard to ride, so cut Slaven some slack. Plus, Paul and Matt are, like, 47 years old or something, so it’s just cool they can even ride anymore.


I pretty much blew Paul’s mind when I showed him the best free ap in the world, iPity. It’s a Mr.T quotinator. Yeah, I know, I just blew your mind, too. Once we figured out how to plug his I-phone into the Chili Wagons stereo, it was T-time.



I wasn’t planning on racing Saturday, beacuse I suck, but Lars entered me anyway. One practice run and tenth place=sweet?

My warmup for Saturday’s race: spreading hate and losing my voice cheering for sports and beginners. Here I am welcoming Pro Rider Kyle Thomas to our hate outpost on the side of the course.

Fortunately, even after I had to retire from yelling hateful obscenities, Seattle Bob was still there. Bob’s stitches meant he couldn’t race, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t still ruin other people’s race runs. Bob doing his best to make everyone’s day a little worse:


Last year off the drop:

This year off the drop:

Last year down the steep part:

This year down the steep part:

Needless to say, things went pretty well this year. Beacon was a good start to the year. 3rd place and a hundred bucks. I beat 4th place by a quarter of a second, which sucks for that guy.

On the other hand, I missed out on 2nd place and another $75 by three hundredths of a second, so that pretty much sucks for me.

Port Angeles Pro GRT TEAM ROBOT race preport/prediction:

Total Annihilation by TEAM ROBOT

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