Today is the day.

Lars N Bars Sternberg is going to be swinging by and picking me up in about 5 hours in the Transition Sprinter van, and the adventure begins.

It’s a huge trip and a huge opportunity to go kick some East Coast ass. Because we’re going to the East Coast, this will probably be the first time I’ll ever “really” ride a trail that is either:

1. “technical”
2. “rooty”
3. “rocky”

From what I’ve been told by numerous East coast riders, the East coast is literally the only place where you will find all three. So that’s pretty exciting.

The schedule looks like this:

May 7-8 Ranchstyle dual slalom and huckfest in Grand Junction, CO

May 13-15 ProGRT at Highland MTB Park, NH

May 20-22 ProGRT at Plattekill, NY

May 27-29 U.S. Open at Diablo Freeride Park, NJ

After that, I’ll be flying out to Germany and then Austria to go race in the Leogang Worldcup. If all goes according to plan, you should be able to watch me in the finals at 4am on Sunday, June 12. I’ve never been to Europe, and the cool thing is that I’ll have a week before the race to hang out with the locals:

Okay, let’s be totally honest. I won’t be hanging out with any girls.

I just want to say a huge thank you to all the people who’ve helped me make this trip possible. A big thanks goes out to

Lars and the gang at Transition Bikes
Eric and Sadie at Deity
Teague at Diverse Suspension
Tim at Koolstop
Eric at Hankbuilt
Verg and urbody at Shimano

And everybody who’s ever fed, housed, or shuttled my sorry ass or helped with my clapped bikes. That list would be really long.

Consider this the beginning of TEAM ROBOT WORLD DOMINATION PLAN MK. 1

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  1. Just be prepared for multiple full-body pat downs from the TSA >>> ones where they paid SPECIAL attention to your crotch area ; )

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