19th place

Pretty good weekend at the Highland Pro GRT. It was wet and wild. We practiced Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in the dry. Like clockwork, the rain rolled in Saturday night and raceday was WET. It got wetter and wetter between practice, quali’s, and finals. I found out just how wet it was when I slid off a rock face into a tree. The funny thing is, hitting the tree didn’t bum me out. We hit trees all the time in Oregon. It was falling backward onto really, really hard rock that surprised me. Rocks are hard.

Anyway, the track was really physical, super bumpy, and full of slick, pointy rocks. Everywhere the track got up to speed, they routed it back uphill. There were uphill rock gardens. It was difficult.

By the time finals rolled around, it was an absolute slip and slide. It was a “stay-on-the-bike” fest. I slid out once in my race run, but I got up fast. I had fun and kept it together the rest of the way down, and ended up getting 19th place.

Do I live to get 19th place? No. But I got down in one piece, rode good, and I’m ready to do the same next weekend. I’m ready to go kick some ass at Plattekill.

Oh by the way Lars got 7th, and Jill won and got $1500. So that’s pretty sweet, too.