666 Posts

Team Robot’s 666th post + Slayer = Dialed

In case you thought I just hated slow mo, you’re an idiot. Here are four perfect uses for slow mo:

1. Bubba:

Of course the music is terrible. But watch how far forward he is on the bike. He’s riding the handlebars the whole time. Bubba is the fastest rider alive, no question.

2. Nature:

Смертельно и невероятно красиво from ibigdan on Vimeo.

3. Balls:

4. Balls:

2 thoughts on “666 Posts

  1. Slayer is always a nice added touch.
    Heres my reaction to your videos:

    1. Bubba knows how to ride those handlebars.

    2. Nature is always amazing especially when you add the song that signifys teh end.

    3. Its raining colorful balls down the street?

    4. Ouch.

  2. The skater kids friends dont care one bit that the little homie just ripped off his entire nutsack. Probably not core enough for them.

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