Winning/Random videos/Old bikes

I won the NW Cup in Port Angeles this weekend. It was mega dry, dusty, and fast as hell. I had a lot of fun on and off course hanging out with the rest of the Hatchet Crew (Team Robot+Team Krunkshox=Hatchet Crew/mayhem). Kevin Littlefield broke his fibula, and Killian Funk and two other people got their bikes stolen. Full race report on the way, but in the meantime…

I’ve had these waiting to go up on Team Robot for a while. Pick one, and watch it.

bowl to be a trail jam 2011 from bowltobeatrail on Vimeo.

Trail jam at a super unique, creative spot. It’s a concrete snake run bowl with dirt jumps built to run into and out of the bowl. Pretty incredible.
More Mountain Biking Videos

You’ve probably seen this whip footage from Crankworx already. If you haven’t, get out from under your rock and watch. Eliot Jackson’s scrubs required pedaling in, full commitment, and he could still case his front wheel. Bernardo Cruz from Brazil takes the win, and it is well deserved. Every time he lands a whip it looks like he’s going to die.

Lapierre at Crankworx – More Mountain Bike Videos

This Crankworx team video isn’t especially rad, but I like it. If you don’t, you suck.

At one point, all of Team Robot rode for Mountain Cycle. Sweet, right? Aaron, Patrick, and I all had Shockwave 9.5’s, each in different colors: White, Blue, and Black. These bikes came complete with 67 degree head angles, 5 inch tall headtubes, 21.5″ effective toptube lengths, 15.75″ bottom bracket heights, and 9.5 inches of earth crushing travel. They were terrible bikes by today’s standards, and even then we kind of knew that. But it was my first real downhill bike, and I loved, and rode, that thing to death.

Mine ended up in Idaho:

Aaron’s ended up in Great Britain 4 hours away from Fort William:

And I’m not sure where Patrick’s ended up. I have a hunch, though: