When keepin’ it real goes wrong

N.Y. Post: ‘Drunk’ teen on jet, an Olympic hopeful, pees on girl

An apparently drunk teenager accused of urinating on a sleeping girl on a JetBlue flight Wednesday turns out to be an Olympic hopeful whose status may be in jeopardy because of the incident.

The New York Post first reported the incident in which Robert Vietze, 18, of South Warren, Vt., said he was drunk on the flight from Portland, Ore., and New York City:

“I was drunk, and I did not realize I was pissing on her leg,” the 6-foot-4, 195-pound Vietze said, according to law-enforcement sources.

Vietze told police he had consumed more than eight alcoholic beverages, NBCNewYork.com reported.

Witnesses reported that the incident was a “total downer” and “totally killed the vibe on the plane.” David Katz, a call center operator from Milpitas, California was a passenger near the incident. Katz stated that the incident “made it super hard to enjoy the on-flight movie,” “50 First Dates,” starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

A spokeperson from the airline apologized for the incident and stated that “all passengers would be compensated for the interruption with a ticket to see ‘The Change up’ or ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ or some other s***ty romantic comedy.”

He was taken into custody when his plane from Oregon landed at John F. Kennedy Airport Wednesday morning. A federal summons for indecent exposure was later dropped, reports The New York Post.

Vietze, among the 75 best skiers in the nation, has refused to apologize for the incident, according to the paper. The US Ski Team declined to comment on Vietze’s status on the squad in light of the incident, but his name was conspicuously absent from the team’s developmental roster Thursday afternoon, reports the Post.

The Post reported that the father of the girl he urinated on is a Stage 4 cancer patient who had to be separated from Vietze on the plane.