Trails/Graves/dialed bike setup

I’ve already posted this helmet cam with Nico Vink of some trails in Belgium:

Nico Vink Helmet Cam from GroundedBMX on Vimeo.

Bob sent me this video of those same trails. Pretty ridiculous.

Deluxe bmx/Vans benelux: Sven Grieten from Sven Grieten on Vimeo.

Graves and Bryn circa 2002, pre-Mad Catz. I think Graves was on an Orange?

Given the fact that Sam Hill was sporting a green MONSTER ENERGY!! mohawk at Worlds, we can conclude that “style” is maybe lagging a decade or so down South in Australia. Is this mullet ironic, or is Graves dead serious? We may never know.

Last but not least, dialed bike setup 101. it’s amazing to me that, after all the janky things I did to my bikes, I never tried this. Bravo, sir. Bravo.