Cory Tepper is not on the kill list

MTB Supertrip Down the West Coast — More Mountain Bike Photos

I was pretty stoked when I saw the title of this slideshow, the description, and Cory Tepper’s name on it. I was going to post it on Team Robot before I even watched it, but then I decided I couldn’t wait. My suspicions were correct, it’s rad.

It’s full of sick photos, like the series of photos from the same hip at Bingen, sick video edits mixed in there, and comments like: “I was not sober when I edited this but I convinced myself I like it.” This slideshow is pretty much everything that is right in this world, rolled up in about five minutes of media.

Between Cory Tepper and Tim Zimmerman, we’re pretty spoiled in Portland. It’s tough to imagine that there are places that don’t have world class photogs that want to shoot bikes instead of making money. Sure, there is some money to be made in shooting bikes. In math we would say that:

Money to be made in shooting bike riding > zero

But, it’s safe to say that Cory and Tim have enough talent that they could be making bank shooting literally ANYTHING else:

Example #1 of things that pay better than shooting mountain bikes:

This paid better than bikes:

Still another thing that paid better than bikes:

And yes, somehow, even this paid better than shooting mountain bikes:

For these reasons and more, the following people are definitely not on the kill list. If you want to have any hope of being spared in the ever-nearing robot apocalypse, study these people closely. Next time you see them, tell them how rad they are:

Tim Zimmerman

Cory Tepper

Greg Tubbs

Andy Tran

While your family is being dissected piece by piece by our lasers and metal claws, and tiny robot spiders are crawling into your skulls to occupy and control your brainwaves, these people will be relaxing on a beach somewhere, with tequila, sunblock and plentiful maidens provided to them by their robot overlords.

To all the photographers and video guys out there, thanks for sitting out in the rain and cold and making us do “one more run” fifty times so we can get that rad shot. You guys are awesome. Team robot doesn’t “heart” you, because robots don’t have hearts. But we won’t kill you, and that’s pretty high praise.