Things you don’t find in Clay Porter Movies:

Here’s a transcript of a conversation me and Bobby Stenson had tonight:

hypnosis and synopsis were sick as shit

they don’t involve the following:
1. steve peat riding moto without a helmet
2. steve peat riding a moto with a cast on his foot
3. steve peat smoking a cigar drinking beer watching people ride minibikes at his event

(gave up on numbering the list here) Steve Peat with a mustache and the word c*** on his broken finger, drunk

its a bit of a c***!!!
but i don’t care
i’ll come back next weekend and kick all your asses!

Steve Peat punching himself in his potentially mortally wounded gut hemotoma, drunk
Steve peat shooting fireworks, riding mini bikes kicking hay
steve peat throwing up in a hotel bathroom sink
steve peat playing in a hotel room (Editor’s note: I don’t know what Bobby meant by this, but it sounds mildly sexual)
steve peat throwing a naked bryceland

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