Sam Hill = Metallica

Metallica in a sentence: Their old stuff was the best ever, and now they suck.

San Hill in a sentence: His old riding was the best ever, and now he sucks.

No, I don’t mean his riding sucks now, I mean he sucks. I was looking for a photo of his gold chain/green Monster Energy mohawk combo from Champery Worlds to make my point, but my search stopped when I found this gem:

That pretty much sums it up. Maybe he always wanted to be a tatted up, monster logo’d juggalo wannabe. Maybe he always wanted to dress like a high school dropout on unemployment with 3 kids, but he couldn’t afford to back in his early pro days. Who knows?

What I know is this:

The new Sam Hill is as dead to me as these guys:

The old Sam Hill is as immortal as these guys:

Can you earn your way back onto the kill list? Yes.