People on Pinkbike suck.
Alex aka Team Krunkshox does not suck.

“Yo p funk,

Some clown on pinkbike sent me this and I was so blown away by his lack of common sense that I needed to have a laugh.


Whats up with the shock? $100/ Why? I work at a shop in NYC and rebuild front and rear suspension on a regular basis. Please tell me what needs to be done with the O2-RCX. How many rides and drops did it see? Do you have the bottom mounting hardware. I am friends with a couple of those X-fusion guys, so I will send the shock out if needed. Yes, I am interested. Thank you.


Dear Friend,
The shock, my 02-RCX, is an inadimate object this makes it tough to know exactly whats up with the shock. The shock is $100 because it is priced to sell. I cant imagine how much fun it is to live in NYC and to be able to rebuild both front and rear suspension–lucky!
To answer your question, “what needs to be done to the 02-RCX” I would say whatever you like.
Though the shock has eyelets it does not have eyes. Therefore, im not certain how to answer your question “how many rides and drops did it see”. FYI my manual dexterity is superb, as must be yours since you rebuild front and rear suspension on a regular basis, I have never lost a hold of the shock–resulting in me dropping it.
I do not have the bottom mounting hardware. In all likelihood you would not want said hardware because it mit not fit your frame–I work for NASA and we make our own bikes.
I think it is cool that you are friends with those X-fusion guys. Are we friends? The reason I ask is I went ahead and used “Hello Friend” as the salutation. If this greeting is too informal for Pinkbike I apologize my friend.

Your friend,