The do not kill list

Team Robot will continue to run Shimano parts for 2012, and for that and not sucking Shimano earns their place on the TEAM ROBOT DO NOT KILL LIST.

FACT: Shimano doesn’t just buy CNC’s and machine tools. When they need to make cranks or hubs or whatever in a new way that no industrial manufacturer has done, they build their own robots. Shimano and Team Robot: building robots to crush your shitty team since a long time ago.

Verg from Shimano Multi-Service/Eddy Merkin/Ulysses S. Grant showed me the mean jeans last night. Party band from Portland. All they sing about is partying. Team Robot says party on.

Also Verg’s buddy Metal Mike from Montana showed me Death for the first time. Hit the snowflake button on the youtube video, it’s a nice heart warming addition to Death’s classic “Zombie Ritual.”

Bob asked me if people can lose their place on the DO NOT KILL list. Robots are not slaves to any agreements with humans. We enforce the do not kill list at our leisure. Cory Tepper, you’re back in the kill pile for listening to lil wayne.

Nice try but robots have 3 inch thick steel armor, Cory. The only good that shotgun will do is to help you scoop your brains out of your skull before the metal robot claws can do it for you.