X-Fusion Signs Multi-Time World Champ BLopes

“There were a lot of athletes looking to ride X-Fusion for 2012, but we decided to work with Brian because he offers more than just a marketing face for the brand, he offers an entire marketing upper body. Most of the other riders we talked with talked to us with their shirts on, and being so covered up we felt like we just weren’t getting as much of them as we’d like. With Brian’s chest and insecurity on display 24/7, we feel like he is presenting as much of himself and our brand image as is legal in most counties.

We’ve already benefitted from his testing expertise and since he is riding everything from cross-country trails that he didn’t build to downhill trails that he didn’t build to pump tracks that he didn’t build to dirt jumps that he didn’t build, he can positively affect our entire product line. Since signing Brain last week we’ve already started sending all our forks out with sunglasses, and using one of Brian’s pro tuning tricks from Marzocchi we pour an extra 2 quarts of oil into all our forks now. Because he rode Marzocchi’s for like 10 years or something we trust that he really knows suspension.” – John Hauer, X-Fusion Marketing Manager

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