Legend of Lacava

We’re beginning a new series here at Team Robot called “Legend of Lacava.” Do you have one of those friends that always talks about “lactic thresholds” or “how fit I am right now” or who waxes poetically about the “symphony of pain” that he experiences when he’s climbing? Do you have a friend that rides for 30 minutes and puts a full page write-up on facebook? I have that friend, and his name is Paul.

Paul takes the monotony of everyday events and makes it sound like he helped put another man on the moon. What you call riding to work he calls “peak endurance anaerobic baseline conditioning.” What you call good dirt he calls “tacky bad ass epic rad loam ready to get shredical.” For years we’ve been basking in the glow of his enlightening meditations. Now you too can enjoy his pearls of wisdom.

Photo is courtesy of Darrin Seeds, who is way better at photoshop and most other things than me. Today’s quotes come from Paul’s lesser-known surfing side:

“The gift of surfing is a mixed one. It’ll wear you down, destroy all your free time, humble you, make you swear, make you hate it, punish you badly, turn you into a meteorologist, and then once and a while give you the best sensation I know of that makes it all worth it.”

“Suffering massive Santa Cruz withdrawal. Fortunately the Oregon swell is looking prime tomorrow. Dawn patrol!”

“I have a love affair with the California coastline!”

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