TEAM ROBOT salutes

1. Team Ironhorse Madcatz, circa ’03-’05:
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“We used to have role models.”

-Robert Stenson

2. These guys:

3. Tex Diesel and crew. If all of Eugene is flooded out, might as well get the winch and go wakeboarding.

Editor’s note: Team Robot does not salute the sport of wakeboarding, or wakeboarders in general. Wakeboarders are typically bro’d out assholes, it’s obviously not a real sport, and, perhaps most troubling, wakeboarders pull way hotter chicks than I do. TEAM ROBOT is only saluting Tex and crews’ wanton disregard for the flood and its negative, destructive impact on Eugene and everyone in it.

Just to clarify:

Wakeboarders? Not TEAM ROBOT approved.

Ignoring the human cost of natural disasters to go have fun? TEAM ROBOT approved.

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