Whistler’s marketing department added a new trail called “Top of the World” where you can wait in the line forever at their season pass office to hopefully be one of the 100 riders per day that gets to buy the “top of the world” pass, which is good for one run, unless there’s a media event or visiting pro riders or a corporate event in which case they give the passes away to those guys and you don’t get to do it no matter how long you wait in line. Continuing to rain on your parade:

Whistler’s “Top of the World” trail on paper:

Whistler’s “Top of the World” trail in practice:

Anyway, a lot of people on Pinkbike were pretty stoked about this, and they shared their stoke in the comments. One comment that jumped out at me came from Nevada Spelling Bee Champion “supr-ridr:”

“Yeah im all for being patriotic and what not, but lets be honest here who wouldnt want to be canadian and live in B.C.”


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  1. Chazz, my friend Tito says he can custom sew:

    Haters Gonna Hate”

    into your TLD jersey for you……

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