Only the best for Blopes

Continuing in our proud heritage of reposting Brian Lopes press releases, making fun of them, and then putting words in his mouth, we bring you more exciting news from the mountain bike industry:

Novatec Wheels Sign Brian Lopes

Big smile. Really excited about this product.

“I’m really excited to begin this relationship with Novatec. As I cash in on my name recognition and try to coast into the finish line of life, I don’t support just any product or company. I seek out the highest performing, best products available, regardless of how much or little they agree to pay me in salary, benefits, % share in the company, or for photo-incentives, mentioning their product in interviews, magazine ads, or event presence. Performance, and nothing else, brought me to Novatec.”

-Fake Brian Lopes

“We at Novatec like to partner with athletes that give as much back to mountain-biking as we do. It’s in that spirit that we are proud to bring Blopes onto the Novatec team. We are proud to join Brian’s other sponsors, a list of high-quality, high-performance brands that all represent the best products in their fields, brands like Lazer helmets, X-fusion suspension, and Magura brakes. Getting Brian’s seal of approval is huge for us, because Brian has a long history of riding nothing but the best, like GT and Marzocchi.”

-Fake Novatec Spokesperson

5 thoughts on “Only the best for Blopes

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