How to explain mountain biking

If you have a friend that asks, “what is mountain biking all about?” show them this video:

It can be hard to explain the role that mean-mugging and slow-mo-yellow-dust-throwing play in an average ride, so let the video do the talking.

Comments on vital and pinkbike were glowing and positive for this video, to which I have to ask REALLY? This is what you want to see from bike movies? There was about 30 seconds of actual, real-time riding in there, and only half of it was interesting. So, what you really want to see in bike movies is dub step, yellow dust, super slow-mo, and 39 seconds of mean mugs? What you really want is this?

Now that I think about it, don’t even bother showing the video to your non-riding friends, just email them these screenshots from the video, and they’ll be expert mountain bikers just after looking at them:

Really? These videos don’t seem freaking weird to anyone else? Is no one else noticing this?


3 thoughts on “How to explain mountain biking

  1. God the music is the worst part. I could see people liking it if they were a Brit or gt fan.

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